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Ignite Choice offers organisations of all sizes various solutions to maximise efficiency, growth and profitability of your business. Our programs are centred around the important and the most unpredictable resource in your business: your people.

As all businesses are made up of individuals, valuing those individuals will in turn lead to your organisation being more efficient, growing and thus more profitable. The most profitable businesses are those that have employee “buy-in”.

This can be in achieved in various ways including:

  • allowing employees to take an active participation on business decisions;
  • giving incentives for achievement – monetary, recognition, holidays;
  • flexibility in working conditions to meet their individual needs; and
  • made to feel like a part of a team.

By valuing your employees, they will reward your organisation by:

  • be happier to come to work and this will reflect in their communication with other and their results;
  • working hard to achieve your organisations’ goals;
  • stay longer if they feel valued; and
  • speak highly of your organisation and the products and services it offers.

At Ignite Choice, each program is custom build for the sole purpose of achieving the desired outcomes of your business. At our initial meeting we will do a needs analysis to find out exactly how we can ensure your outcomes are achieved and add value to your business. This meeting also allows both parties to see if a mutually benefical relationship can be formed.

Finally, we will propose a custom built program to meet all your needs. If there are several possible solutions we will also include these to give your business maximum choice.

Title - Business Coaching

'Ignite Choice is passionately committed to making a substantial difference to our clients by presenting achievable choices in line with their corporate values and future objectives with the utmost integrity and responsibility.'

Neville De Hennin


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